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Mirrors look great in any room of the house and here at Shard End Glass we stock sheets of both 4mm and 6mm mirror all ready to be cut down to your required size. We can also provide services for:
  • Edge polishing
  • Hole drilling
  • Bevels
  • Safety Backing

We now offer Antique Mirror in a number of exquisite designs, please contact us for further information.
As well as being able to manufacture bespoke mirrors we also stock a large range of mirrors that are pre-made and ready to take home today, they come as 4mm mirror complete with fixing holes and polished edges with the ability to apply safety backing if you require. The sizes of our standard mirrors are below:
Standard sizes:
250mm x 350mm
300mm x 450mm
450mm x 450mm
450mm x 600mm
600mm x 600mm
450mm x 900mm
600mm x 900mm
300mm x 1200mm
450mm x 1200mm
600mm x 1200mm
450mm x 1500mm